A philosophical statement of values from the American Green movement.

The Ten Key Values most often formulated as follows:

Note that variants do exist. For instance, sometimes "Postpatriarchal Values" takes the place of "Feminism." In the anarchic spirit of the Green movment, the values have been revisited and reformulated again and again by many different groups. Some variation of the Ten Key Values has been officially adopted by most (but not all) local, state and national Green Parties in the USA, and by many Green organizations around the world.

Also note that, in Green Party literature, each value is often elaborated. In one of the classic early versions, each value was followed by a series of questions, asking "How can we accomplish this?"

Unfortunately, the history and origin of the Ten Key Values is a bit muddled. Though different sources contradict one another on the details, there seems to be general agreement that it was a collaborative effort in the 1980s and that Charlene Spretnak was involved. One of the earliest drafts was circulated by the Green Committees of Correspondence.

The Ten Key Values are similar to the Four Pillars of the Greens.

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