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A type of chocolate manufactured by Terry's (which is, or at least used to be, an English confectioners). It is approximately the size and shape of an orange, made of orange-perfumed chocolate. It is made in thin wedge slices, which are then fitted together radially by melting together at the center (i.e. down the core), so by jarring the 'orange' one can separate the pieces to eat them. This is given as an instruction on the box as "tap and unwrap".

It is packaged in orange foil, inside a not-quite-cubic box.

Traditionally given as a present more than bought for oneself due to its novelty value.
A chocolate confection flavoured slightly of orange whose principal appeal lies in the shape: it looks like an orange. It's about 14 orange wedges, each wedge bearing the company logo, stuck together in to a sphere and wrapped in foil. They come in milk or dark chocolate. The wedges are almost impossible to pry loose because of the chocolate "seal" at the top and bottom if you don't take the orange and whack it, hard, against the wall on the top or bottom to loosen it up, while still in the wrapper. Their recent advertising campaigns have been showing young happy people whacking oranges with a creepy BONZAIIIIII expression on their face. Cool.

They also have chocolate bar versions, where 5 wedges are stuck together in a cascading line. Same taste, but not as fun. Plus, oddly, the dark chocolate orange shaped ones are vegan, while the dark chocolate bar shaped ones contain milk products.

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