I could be wrong be dead wrong, so bear with me
my theory that the nintendo game tetris was originally intended as subliminal communist propaganda has three tenets to it:

1. Tetris, like communism, has you chasing goals, which are, in the long run, meaningless. Tetris has you chasing points, high scores, etc... which have little to no bearing on real life (depending on how much of a gamer you are)- Communism has you working for the betterment of the whole, the betterment of the state, or the betterment of society, all of which have little to no bearing on you as a person in real life

2. Tetris, like communism, demands that you place your faith in a higher, uncontrollable authority. In Tetris, this is the computer/game that gives you the random assortment of blocks. You keep playing, with the thought that the game will give you the blocks needed to win, or at least continue playing until you lose. Communist governments demand the same sort of infallible trust in authority. "The government will take care of you, trust in the government..."

3. Tetris, like communism, demands that you continue doing what you are doing, regardless of the extraneous circumstances. In tetris, you are expected to keep playing, building up the blocks and fitting them into place, regardless of how fast the game goes or how high the blocks get. In a communist society, you are expected to work, regardless of how poor, how hungry, how hard life may be at the time. You are expected to keep going to make the system work

and, of course, there is the missile that launches off the platform next to the kremlin when you get a high score after you lose... the higher the score, the bigger the missile
and if you think about it, this whole theory could be possible.
I mean, Tetris was released during the Cold War, it was designed by Russians... who's to say it wasn't originally intended as a subliminal communist recruitment device...?

I'm probably just crazy...

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