Serving Chicago, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Houston and intermediate points

Amtrak train numbers: 15 and 16

Predecessor railroad train numbers: Santa Fe 15 and 16

On April 3, 1948, the Santa Fe Railway introduced an upgraded, streamlined version of its Chicago-Galveston Texas Express and Chicago Express trains. This train was named the Texas Chief, to go along with the naming scheme that was also responsible for the Super Chief.

In 1971, Amtrak took over operation of the Texas Chief, now with its southern terminus in Houston. It stayed as a completely separate train from the Super Chief/El Capitan, providing twice-a-day service on the combined portion of the trains' route between Chicago and Newton, Kansas.

Amtrak's service levels eventually slipped below what the Santa Fe considered acceptable, and the Santa Fe stopped letting Amtrak use its "Chief" trademark in 1974. As the Super Chief became the Southwest Limited, the Texas Chief became the Lone Star.

Condensed historical timetables:

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(1956)  (1972)                     (1972)  (1956)
 6:00P   5:00P Dp Chicago       Ar 10:15A   9:00A
 1:25A   1:00A    Kansas City       2:05A   1:10A
 8:30A   9:25A    Oklahoma City     5:40P   6:00P
 1:00P   2:10P    Fort Worth        1:08P   2:05P
 7:00P   8:45P    Houston           7:20A   8:10A
 8:15P   ----- Ar Galveston     Dp  -----   6:50A

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