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A merit badge for Boy scouts. This is not a required badge for Eagle. Taken from meritbadge.com:

  1. Talk over how textiles are important to man.
  2. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Visit a textile plant or school. Report on what you saw.
    2. Explain the main steps in making a fiber into cloth. Name the machines used in each step. Tell what each machine does.
    3. Describe four ways of adding colors to textiles.
  3. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Get one sample in each of the three major classes of woven fabrics:
      1. clothing,
      2. home use,
      3. industrial.
    2. Get one sample of knit or double-knit fabric. Compare these to those that were woven.
  4. Do TWO of the following:
    1. Show one good way to test fibers for recognition.
    2. Waterproof a piece of cloth.
    3. Weave a piece of cloth. Use a simple loom that you have made yourself.
    4. Define 10 of the following terms: fiber, filament, yarn, tufting, nonwoven, tricot, plastic, Jacquard, full fashioned, Greige goods, bleaching, finishing, mercerization, screen printing, roller printing, durable press, sanforizing, preshrunk, water repellent, and fire retardant.
  5. Get small samples of two of the following natural fibers: cotton, wool, silk, or linen. Get two of the following classes of man-made fibers: rayon, nylon, polyester, glass fiber, and acrylic. Tell how two of these are different. Give the advantages of each.
  6. Talk over or make a written report on jobs in five main branches of the textile industry.

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