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It's pretty simple really:Numbered cards are represented by same.

Using this nomenclature the Ace of Spades would be represented by AS.
Court Cards labels of other countries
Ace, King, Queen and Jack are:

French: A/1, R, D, V (As, Roi, Dame, Valet)
German: A, K, D, B (Daus, König, Dame, Bube)
Sweden/Norway: E, K, D, Kn (Ess, Kung, Dam, Knekt)
Dutch: A/1, H, V, B (Aas, Heer, Vrouw, Boer)
Polish: A, K, D, W (As, Król, Dama, Walet)
Russian: Т, К, Д, В (Tuz, Korol, Dama, Valet)
Finland: 1, K, R, S
Greece: Α, Β, Κ, Ο
Italian: A, R, D, J (Asso, Re, Donna, Jack)
Spanish: A, R, Re, P (As, Rey, Reina, Paje)

Latin cards are Ace, King, Cavalier, Servant or Footsoldier
Italian: 1, R, C, F
Spanish: 1, R, C, S

The Germanic system has Ace, King, High, Low
D, K, O, U (Daus, König,Ober,Unter)
and Leaves, Acorns, Roses, and Bells for suits.

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