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I was working in Bangkok, Thailand installing networks and training technicians. I had a class of ten techs comprised of one woman and nine men, all who were fluent in English. The class went very well, and the woman had the highest grade in the class. Thailand is a very male-centric culture, and this fact did not sit well with some of the older technicians. Some took it as almost an insult that a woman had out-performed them in a technical field. They all had a Bachelors degree except for the woman - she had a Masters in technical education.

Thailand was in a major economic slump in the mid-90's, and it was difficult to get a decent paying job. If the students passed the final exam (they did), they had a contract for four years of employment at an excellent wage. The woman not only aced the final exam, she pointed out an error on one of the questions. She was very smart, and tough; she took no guff from the men, which infuriated them. She had no problem telling them what needed to be done to fix the laboratory problems I assigned.

After the class graduated, I threw a party at the house my company had provided. It was a Thai mansion, with a large stone wall surrounding the property and many rooms. I paid for the pizza (Dominos and Pizza Hut have a huge presence in Thailand... try the seafood pizza), the first twelve cases of beer and soda, and a large assortment of snacks. They each brought a traditional Thai party item, fruits and yet more beer. We all had a great time, and I even played soccer in the back yard with them.

The next day I was inspecting some optical cabling when several of the guys invited me to go to a Karaoke bar with the rest of the class. I thanked them and agreed. They said the woman had to work, so she could not make it.

We jumped in a string of taxis after work was over. They chattered with the driver on where to take us. It was in a part of town I didn't get to much. The taxi driver laughed at some joke the students told him, and then he said, "OK, Soi Cowboy." I had heard of Soi Cowboy (translated as Cowboy Street or Alley). It was mostly a line of bars and sex clubs. They knew I was married, but it made me nervous anyway. When we arrived, we walked past the entrance to the alley and continued for a few blocks until we reached a Karaoke Club. I was eyed by the bouncer (since I was a six-foot two Italian with a buzz cut and goatee), but they yammered at him in Thai and he let us all in.

We were led to a private room by a stunning hostess who wore a spandex black dress that hid absolutely no detail of her body, including the large breasts. They had me follow her up the stairs, and her hair was down to the back of her knees. She pulled it over her shoulder, obviously intending for me to get a good look at her ass inches from my face. I did get an eye full, and my reaction was typical for a male.

The room had a bunch of couches and a large-screen television. We all picked a couch and they started talking to the hostess. She seemed to argue a bit, then they paid her a wad of Baht (Thai money). They said it was for the beer, soda (I don't drink alcohol), and the snacks.

About ten minutes later, the door opened and a bevy of very scantily-clad women entered. At the end of the line was my female student. She looked very embarrassed and like she had been crying. They started arguing in English over who she would be with that evening, which made her start crying more. The hostess lost her plastic smile and glared at her. The other girls laughed. I stood up and said I would like her to sit by me.

In Thailand, they treat the guests like royalty. She started crying harder, but came and sat down next to me. She had no choice in the matter, this was her job until she started getting paid her full wages at the company. Thai women do not look for jobs outside the family because they want to, they take demeaning jobs to support their family. No matter what, the family came first. This was the only job she could get that paid well enough to feed her sisters and her elderly parents.

She stopped crying after a few minutes, and since I had picked her the hostess reapplied her smile. The food and drinks arrived, and the other students picked women to sit with them. The television was turned on, and we started taking turns singing karaoke.

Once the music started, the other students started making out with the girls. I was able to talk to my student in relative privacy. She asked me if I wanted her to do anything for me, waving towards another girl who had started to perform fellatio on one of the students. I think she expected me to act just like the others. I told her no, that when I said I was married in class, I meant it. I said I picked her so one of the others would not have her performing on them in front of me. She was at first confused, then she started smiling. She was attractive, but I did not cheat on my wife. I put my arm around her shoulders, and when the hostess poked her head in she put her hand on my thigh, but we talked and sang duets when it was our turn. Two of the students moved to the couches behind us and were outright banging their women. Having attractive women getting fucked three feet away from me had me aroused. She placed her hand on the crotch of my jeans and this time asked if I wanted her to do anything. She wasn't asking as a Thai Karaoke Club Girl, but as a free woman. I held her hand and said I may want to, but I could not cheat.

After we had been there about three hours, I said I wanted to leave with her. The hostess was pleased, and we negotiated her fee. The other guys in the room had given up all pretense and were just fucking the girls. I paid the fee and we left.

We took a taxi to the mansion. She lived outside of Bangkok, and I invited her to stay the night. I set up one of the unused bedrooms for her, and we sat on the couch until two in the morning talking. I told her that her contract started, and she would be getting paid that week. I also said I had put her name in as a team supervisor, since she had the highest score in the class and she could handle herself on the job. She again started crying, she sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder and cried the tears she could not show for the entire time she was a Thai Karaoke Club Girl. She said she was quitting the club, and she thanked me.

I took her to her bedroom, we talked on her bed for a while more. I went to close up the house and set the timer for my morning coffee. When I went up the stairs, she was waiting by her door wearing a sheet. She again invited me to spend the night in her bed, and she said it was something she wanted, not something she had to do. I must admit I had to think hard about it, but I had to decline. I had a wife and three kids at home, and I did not want to bring home AIDS or something else. She smiled when she saw I had to think about it, she came over and gave me a warm inviting kiss. I do not know how I resisted, as I was very aroused and very aware that the sheet had mostly fallen away when she put her arms around my neck. I still have dreams about her, and I do fantasize about her. She picked up her sheet and went to bed. It took me a while before I could fall asleep. She was the first woman I had kissed besides my wife in years.

I cooked her breakfast the next morning. Two of the students showed up to see her having breakfast wearing one of my shirts. I invited them in and gave them some eggs and coffee. She did not bat an eye, she had a real smile on her face because they would tell the others that she had spent the night and that she would not have to do it again unless it was something she wanted to do. They seemed intimidated by her now.

She did quit her job as a Thai Karaoke Club Girl. She is now the lead troubleshooting technician for the fiber-optic system we installed. She now supports her entire family, and her sisters do not have to go what she went through.

I have a lot of respect for her, and if I wasn't married, I would probably be living in Thailand today.

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