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The Thai Military Bank, located at 3000 Phahon Yothin Road, Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 (across from the weekend Chatuchak Market and two blocks from the BTS Train Depot), is a welcome spot for folks looking to perform financial transactions. I used it weekly when I was teaching at the BTS facility, especially since it was near where I went to lunch three or four times a week. The building is modern and impressive. You could trade dollars for Baht on the second floor, or you could use your credit card to withdraw funds in Baht at the teller windows. Easily half of the folks spoke some English, and were always quite helpful, especially when I first arrived. They got used to my weekly visits, and always greeted my by name.

From the Thai Military Bank website:

The Thai Military Bank Public Company Limited was the brainchild of the late Field Marshal Sarisdi Dhanarajata, once an all powerful prime minister and top military leader of Thailand. The concept was to consolidate various off-budget funds managed separately by military units without any central control procedure. The concept called for the establishment of a bank to exclusively keep the armed forces funds in one place for better management and control.

The bank was founded in 1945, and it was restricted to members of the military and their immediate family. These rules were relaxed in 1964, when it became more like a traditional bank and serviced the business community. By 1973, it had evolved completely into a traditional commercial bank. It was performing quite well, and in 1982, "the most auspicious event for the bank was the gracious granting of the Royal Appointment by His Majesty the King. This gave TMB the royal permission to display the Royal Garuda, the emblem of Thailand's monarchy, as a royally-accredited bank at its head office and all branches."

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