“Hey. You ever wonder what dog tastes like?" 


“I mean is it like pork, or…” 

“I dunno. I never thought about it.” 

“No. Me either.” 

And that was Anthony. That’s just how he was. A tuna melt was Anthony's favorite sandwich. But if you didn't like tuna melts, he'd say he didn't like them either. Anthony would eat a tuna melt for breakfast

“Can I have some?   

He pointed at my juice carton.

"Help yourself." 

Anthony took the carton of juice and finished it.

"Hey. You ever wonder if your dad’s really your dad?” 

He put the empty carton on my tray.

"No. I have my dad’s eyes."

"Yeah, me either. That looks good."

Anthony watched me eat a peanut butter cookie

"Yeah my mom made 'em."

"Yeah they look really good."

"Yeah they are really good, you want one?" 

“No", he said, and that was Anthony.

That's just how he was. He wanted whatever you had. Until you gave him some and then he didn’t want it anymore.

“What’d you get, Anthony?" 

He opened a sack with his name on it.

"Deviled ham. And pickle spears. I got one left, you want it?” 

“No thanks. Deviled ham's good. I like the chicken stuff better.” 

“Yeah." Anthony looked at the pickle spear. "You ever wonder, like, what happens when somebody dies?"


I have.

Why Anthony. 

“I saw my grandma die. We brought flowers to her room. They said she was gonna be okay.” 

The bell meant lunch was over.

Five minutes to get to class.

Anthony wrapped the pickle spear in a white napkin.

“Hey. You ever wonder what happens, if like, somebody farts in the middle of a funeral?" 

And that was Anthony.

That’s just how he was. 

"No Anthony. I guess I never did."

“No”, he said. “Me either.”

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