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That Mitchell and Webb Look (TMaWL) is a British sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. It should not be confused with their earlier show, The Mitchell and Webb Situation or the radio show That Mitchell and Webb Sound.

TMaWL first aired in 2006 and ran through 2010, for a total of 24 episodes. It is fairly standard as such shows go, although that is not to say that it is boring or derivative. It involves, as do most shows of this sort, lots of silliness and non sequiturs, with occasional delightful bursts of logic -- and all in British accents. Topics involve cavemen forensic investigators, Mitchell and Well talking about the show, Helivets, panel shows with lots of yelling, and badly crafted TV dramas... and all kinds of other random things. There are some reappearing skits:

Numberwang: A game show where people yell out random numbers. Yeah, that's all. But there are special pants rounds and trampoline rounds, Numberwang the movie, Numberwang the documentary, German Numberwang... The best way to make a very stupid idea funny is to keep pushing it well past its potential, so they do -- again and again. This is probably the most common of the reappearing skits, and dumb as it is, it remains entertaining.

Big Talk: A loud, obnoxious news panel show host gets straight answers about science from a bunch of over-educated boffins. Usually this doesn't turn out as simply as he would like, resulting in a lot of yelling. An entertaining parody of... humans, this is one of the more common clips to appear on YouTube and the like. The Is There a God clip is fairly popular.

The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: A homeless drunkard with paranoid delusions battles a mysterious nemesis while looking for spare change. This one is fairly annoying and often includes crude humor and tragi-comedy. Not their best skit, in my opinion, but as the series goes on there are some interesting twists. This is probably the second most common of the reoccurring skits.

Ted and Peter: A couple of snooker commentators who spend more time drinking, eating, drinking, and gossiping about the players than they do communicating anything worthwhile about the game. These skits tend to involve lots of homophobic/philic references and suicide jokes. This may be funnier if you know something about snooker...

The Post-Apocalyptic Quiz Broadcast: After the world ends, a small group of survivors put on a game show. The questions tend to focus on the world before The Event, which no one really seems to remember, although the show is often interrupted by contestants having panic attacks and nervous breakdowns when they accidently think about The Event itself. The show is interspersed with warnings not to go outside, references to 'Them', and other dark hints of sinister threats.

Overall, the show is well worth watching... if you like British sketch shows. Aside from numerous YouTube clips, some of which I have linked above, episodes are available on Hulu.com.

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