I could light up the world

including the oceans

on overcast days or

all darkened afternoons

even though the axis

slipped down past Madagascar

The Arabian Sea and

The Bay of Bengal.

From where I sit

I imagine all the places

I've never been

the mountains climbed

the beaches shared

before, during and after him

the times taken for granted

when neither of us knew

How thirty fragile years

of love could be lost or

that the absence of a shoulder

to lay this sad head upon

would mean so much although

far be it from me to begrudge

your going, you gave me the best years

oh, love of my Methodist heart

So blind I was, so hopeful

when will I stop reliving

and replaying the last time you

apologized for all the trouble

you caused, and this, you said

then collapsed into my arms

speaking no more until

a brief break in fevered coma

You summoned such strength

from the shadows of death

to call my name, eyes closed

old heart pounding

one last word on this planet

as if questioning my presence

to which I whispered

I'm here, I'm still here

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