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Operation Restore-Dignity: The "It's Just a Few Bad Apples" London Meetup

Saturday 29th May 2004 - 6pm

Abu Ghraib Prison Penderel's Oak Pub


Okay, here's the thing. DejaMorgana came over last week, and the resulting britnoder welcoming meet was shockingly small. Only four of you fuckers turned up. For this, I blame the attempts to organise the meet through msgs, the short notice, the ramifications of the war on terror, rising house prices, and those fucking asylum seekers. Honestly, he drags himself and his missus all the way over here, all excited to meet the britnoders, and bugger all of you turn up. Yes, I realise I wasn't there, but dammit, I'd already said I couldn't be there, and whose bloody side are you on, why don't you just go and LIVE with Saddam if you love him so much, you commie fag hippie cheese bitch.

Anyway. Splunge will be here on Saturday the 29th May 2004 A.D. We have one more chance to redeem ourselves, to prove once and for all that the britnoders aren't a bunch of arses who don't bother doing nothing for nobody. Remember, it's just a few bad apples who let the side down for everyone else, and we mustn't let them detract from the wonderful work all of the rest of the britnoders do. Unless all the rest of the photos and videos get out, in which case we're fucked.

The place is Penderel's Oak, which has served us well in the past. It's huge, there's food, swanky toilets, and no loud crappy music. Further information is at the pub's writeup. Short version: it's at 283 High Holborn, a short walk from Holborn tube, or Chancery Lane tube. Go here for a map http://tinyurl.com/ysc0, here for photos http://tinyurl.com/ysc4, and here http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk if you need directions. If you want crash space, ask one of the attendees, or go here for cheap accommodation: http://tinyurl.com/z8hl - there are quad or twin rooms for £22.50 each, thank you Andrew Aguecheek for finding this ages ago. Update: Some people need crash space. Can anyone offer any? Time is running short. Make yourselves known, or I'll kill you all.

We must stay the course. Now, more than ever. We're making progress, building schools, and only occasionally vaporising wedding parties, but they were all shouting and laughing, what were we supposed to do, give them a kiss and a packet of crisps? Let me know you're coming. Then come to the meet. If you don't come, then the terrorists have already won. Don't let me down, britnoders. Don't be a Bad Apple. Bad Apples can kill.

Good Apples so far

Andrew Aguecheek
The Alchemist
Gritchka (has a beard though, so a possible terrorist)
heyoka (despite brutally and maliciously damaging an innocent chain-link fence around some innocent American base full of nukes)
gnarl (despite encouraging heyoka)
princess loulou (should be turning up about 9pm to provide alibi for bombing friend's birthday party)
wertperch (has managed to escape Nottingham and the evil reign of Prince John! huzzah!)
Pandora (her family refuse to believe the photos)
There in spirit - riverrun, who we shall be raising a glass to
siouxsie wasn't physically there, but was on the phone and said hello and things

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

No suspects are being detained at this time. We beat them all to death, you see.

Bad Apples

spiregrain (will be in Norn Iron, bombing innocent people)
Wiccanpiper (in Illinois, co-ordinating annual meeting of Illinois Nazis)
jasmine (in France, being Dictator-for-Life of the Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys)
Great Neb (in Wales, attacking a football stadium full of innocent football-watchers)
amnesiac (firing missiles into people's houses from his gunship, but they totally were asking for it, living in a house like that)
gbulmer (co-ordinating the Scottish branch of the Really Real IRA Not Like Those Other Ones)
minisecret (infiltrating grandparents' wedding anniversary, with Dark Intentions)
Stealth Munchkin (importing foreign fighter from America to aid attacks - also has beard, supposedly bigger than Gritchka's, definite terrorist)
Rikmeister (up north buying *lots* of fertiliser bags)
AnBolb (pretending to be at a wedding party while secretly shooting at innocent gunships)
BaronWR (in China. CHINA! Need I say more?)
Heisenberg (in Singapore, and we know what they get up to over *there*)
TenMinJoe (blah blah blah, terror, blah blah blah)
darl (making progress, building schools, etc)

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