Most of the vowels in the English alphabet appear commonly as schwa sounds in English: the 'e' in flipper, the 'u' & 'a' in umbrella, the 'i' in plenitude, or the 'o' in proliferate. The letter 'y', as we all learned, occasionally makes an appearance as a vowel. In some languages, particularly written Welsh, the y represents a schwa sound quite frequently, as in dyfed, myned, & cyfoeth. But how about English? There are only a very few words that I can think of. Cylindrical is one. Syringe is another. The British spelling of Pyjamas. Beyond these few words, this elusive grammatical treat remains shrouded in the dark mists of the dictionary.

Sources: Gareth Morgan, Reading Middle Welsh: A Course Book Based on the Welsh of the Mabinogi University of Texas at Austin.
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Gritchka adds Tyrannical as another possibility.

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