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Moxy Früvous' year-2000 CD release. This CD is only available at concerts or over the Internet, which is good since the band doesn't visit Illinois all that often. It's a followup to their 1996 release "The 'b' Album", which was filled with assorted humorous tracks, both social and political, which didn't fit in with their other albums; the tracks from "The 'C' Album" are in the same vein but tend to be more oriented towards Früvous in-jokes and references.

Track listing:

Welcome to C (0:54)
Pisco Bandito (2:51)
The Norbals! (1:24)
Video Disco Bargainville (4:25)
Beware The Killer Tents (3:22)
Heatseeker Boy (2:24)
The Mitosis Waltz (1:38)
Jared (The Wild Boy) (2:13)
Bad Jim (0:52)
The Goal Judge (2:40)
The Norbals! (reprise) (0:19)
Pork Tenderloin (3:01)
Guinea Pig (1:11)

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