A comic book by Judd Winick, published by Oni Press. The title is fairly descriptive; the stories are centered around Barry Ween, a ten-year-old boy with an IQ of 350. Barry likes to spend his time inventing things in the privacy of his room, but frequently has to deal with time warps, art theives, or his best friend accidentally turning himself into a dinosaur. This makes him cranky, in addition to being egotistical, foul-mouthed, and arrogant.

Cast of characters:

Barry Ween, boy genius
Jeremy Ramirez, Barry's best friend and the only person who knows about his big brain. Like most 10 year olds, Jeremy enjoys pornography, video games, and sugar.
Sara Tan, the girl Barry likes. She's smart, pretty, and tough.
Barbara and William Ween, Barry's parents, clueless middle Americans.

As we now (Jan 2002) approach the end of the third volume of the comic (Monkey Tales), we've now got a new character - Roxie the Sasquatch (treated by Barry to make her less hairy, so she can join regular society), who Jeremy loves. Oh, and Sara got zapped into another dimension by a giant psychic gorilla called Beezeruul, and she's now 20-odd years old (though due to be turned back into a little girl w/ all her Xena-type memories in the final issue of the series). See - we've got a full team now.

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