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Children's TV programs in the far future doesn't seem to be too different from ours:

"Not surprisingly, children's programming serves to indoctrinate them in Clan ways. The most popular show among pre-teen children of the merchant caste, 'The Adventures of Clan Spaniel,' follows the exploits of a group of anthropomorphic warriors. Led by their parrot Khan, Polly, they are on a neverending quest to liberate their homeworlds from five tribes of evil monkeys (thinly disguised Spheroids). The use of animals thought of as pets in the cartoon avoids promoting or denigrating any individual Clan, while providing a forum of teaching overall Clan virtues. Each eposode is a morality tale or illustrates some aspect of Clan life. Many in the Inner Sphere might call such actions unethical, but what I can recall of trideo in my childhood, the Inner Sphere essentially did the same. Both use the media to teach children what they regard as moral virtues. In this, the Clans and the Inner Sphere are alike."

- from BattleTech sourcebook "The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky", FASA 1999

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