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A 1986 family film with an all-animal cast (no humans appear on the screen) originally made and released in Japan as Koneko Monogatari (A Kitten's Story) by a director named Masanori Hata and his assistant Kon Ichikawa. The film took over four years to shoot. It was later edited and given English narration by Dudley Moore and released in the United States in 1989. The title characters are an orange tabby cat and a pug that get lost in the woods far away from their farm home and must use their instincts and each other to survive in the wilderness and find a way back to the farm.

While the film has become a favorite with many people and is probably one of filmdom's greatest "cat and dog buddy flicks" (if there is such a genre!), to this day it has been plagued by allegations of animal abuse that were reported to have taken place during filming with some activists going as far as calling it "an animal snuff film". These allegations strained from a claim that over 30 cats played the role of Milo in the film, but only a third (or according to American Humane Society, 27) of them survived the shot, because they (to put it lightly) did their own stunts!
In reality the original Japanese version is much darker than the "G-rated" American version.

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