* For those who want to know, yeah this is my work of fiction. It changes everytime I log on. I orginally intended it to be a set of recipes but wrote it with a story to set it apart. So now it's about a young woman, Noella, who returns home to investigate her brother's death, only to discover that she comes from a line of powerful pagans, and that she is a Kitchen Witch. Enjoy reading!

~ The Oryx

Chapter 1: Whispers In the Kitchen

Chapter 2: The Harbinger's Tea

Chapter 3: Blame It On The Dragon Stew

Chapter 4: In The Stranger's Midst

Chapter 5: Lessons From The Water Spright

Chapter 6: Darkness And Salt Dough

Chapter 7: Long Live The Kitchen Warlock!

Chapter 8: Zest of Retrocognition

* I will post Chapter 9 some other time to avoid flooding. *smiley face*

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