The All-Music Guide (AMG) has a catalog of albums, artists, styles, genres and labels, divided into American-originated music forms including rock, blues, country, roots and jazz. Under these headings fall 1400 sub-genres of music. Whether you are looking for information on "Acoustic Louisiana Blues," "Neo-Psychedelia" or "Truck Driving Country," it's in there.

You've got more information about any band than you could ever dream of. First is the "Artist" section which includes when the band was formed, decades active, genre styles, labels, Internet links and a bunch of others info. In the Bio section, which gives bios that you might only find in an end of career-boxed set compilations.

Next comes perhaps the best part of the artist information ­ the "Related Artists" section. This is incredible. They have the entire catalog of every influence, similar artists, artists collaborated with, followers and artists whose songs they have covered.

The best part of this is that if you are ever bored with the music you know, you can look up one of your favorite bands and find everyone they could remotely be compared to.

For example, if you look up those chicken-choking Barenaked Ladies, you'll find out that you might like to listen to known bands such as The B-52s. You probably knew that already, but did you ever think of Size 14 or The Housemartins?

With AMG, you can learn everything you can imagine about all of your favorite artists.

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