"Beware, Emperor Zombie, we are coming for you!"

One-shot comic book by Mike Mignola. Published in May 2002 by Dark Horse Comics. The story seems to be a bit of a prequel to Mignola's popular Hellboy series--prevention of outbreaks of supernatural threats remains a primary plot element, but, where the Hellboy series starts during World War II, this tale is clearly set in the 1860s. But the primary difference between Screw-On Head and Hellboy is this: Screw-On Head is very, very silly.

"It's not a jewel... It's a dirty old piece of crap..."

Our story begins as President Abraham Lincoln gets on the fancy videoscreen (Yes, I know, and yes, that's just the beginning) and calls Screw-On Head, who is quickly revealed as a shiny robotic head with a big screw in place of his neck. He can bounce around without assistance, but he has a number of mechanical bodies that he can screw himself into when he needs to go on adventures.

"It's a turnip, but my instruments indicate that there's a small parallel universe inside!"

Anyway, Honest Abe reveals that the dastardly and undead Emperor Zombie has stolen the infamous Kalakistan Fragment from the Museum of Dangerous Books and Paper. Since the Fragment reveals the location of an ancient jewel that can be used to conquer the world, Head and his assistants (the unfortunately-named Mr. Groin and a computerized stuffed dog named Mr. Dog) must travel to the Aswam Valley, which Head explains is "generally considered to be the worst place on Earth."

"We must be close. He smells the evil."

Can Screw-On Head foil the evil plans of Emperor Zombie, his minions, and the horror he unleashes? And will we learn the secret origin of Screw-On Head, or will we have to settle for three horrible old women and a monkey?

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