Owned and run by local resident Comic Book Guy, The Android's Dungeon (store motto: "Take me to your baseball cards and comics") is Springfield's premiere location to purchase comic books and baseball cards in The Simpsons universe. The store is located in a strip mall on the city's main street and was first seen in the second season episiode "Three Men and a Comic Book" when Bart Simpson, Milhouse van Houten, and Martin Prince pool their money to buy a copy of Radioactive Man #1. In the commentary track for the episode on the DVD the creators reveal that they chose the cheesiest name they could for the business, only to have it stick.

The store is a typical comic book store and features several shelves full of new comic book titles such as Manboy, Radiation Dude, Batboy, Mr. Hop, Batchick, Mr. Smarty-Pants!, Birdguy, Nick, Cat Girl, Power Person, Dog Kid, Iguana Girl, Snake Kid, Lava Lady, Star Dog, The Human Bee, Mister Amazing, and Tree Man. There also a number of more unique collectables in stock such as a Mary Worth phone (traded to Bart for an Itchy & Scratchy animation cel), a McDonalds Hamburgler kiddie coloring book (sold to Milhouse in exchange for bathroom rights), a rare photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore, Bleeding Gums Murphy's Sax on the Beach album (sold to Bart as a present for his sister Lisa Simpson), the ultimate pog with a picture of Steve Allen on it, a child's soul (sold to Milhouse), and a rare Spider-man #1 (purchased and eaten by Homer Simpson).

Some comic books, however, do not sell. Unsold comics typically wind up in the trash in the alley behind the shop. Comic Book Guy often has trouble with nerds picking through his trash, such as the time he threw away a stack of She-Hulk vs. Leon Spinks comics ("Worst crossover ever," CBG said at the time). Some customers are so troublesome that they are banned from the store. Banned customers include Bart Simpson, Milhouse van Houten, Sideshow Bob, and Matt Groening.

When Comic Book Guy had a heart attack in 2002 Bart Simpson and Milhouse van Houten took over running the shop for a brief while and nearly drove it into the ground. Milhouse purchased 2000 copies of a comic published by Lenscrafters entitled Biclops and held midnight screenings of Comic Book Guy's secret bootleg video archive. Memorable portions of the screening include footage of local newsman Kent Brockman picking his nose and a nuclear disaster strategy film from the Cold War.

Despite the shabby way that Comic Book Guy treats his customers, people always seem to come back to the store. Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics, once visited the store and annoyed Comic Book Guy to no end, so perhaps he learned a lesson about how far he can push someone. However, knowing how his mind works, most likely not.

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