"The Anubis Gates" (1983) is a novel by fantasy author Tim Powers. It won the Philip K. Dick Award in 1984.

The novel is a dizzying combination of historical novel, urban fantasy and time travel science fiction. The academic Brendan Doyle, an expert on the poetry of William Ashbless, is invited by a multi-millionaire to act as a guide in a time travel mission to 19th Century London, where a group of people will attend a lecture by Coleridge. Doyle is left behind in Regency London, where he will find himself involved in a plot of ancient Egyptian sorcerers who are trying to change the course of history to re-establish Egypt as a world power. They are aided in this by Horrabin, a mad sorcerer who leads a gang of beggars in the underground of London. Other notable characters include Dog-Face Joe, who can shift from body to body at will, and the poets Coleridge and Lord Byron.

"The Anubis Gates" is an amazing example of what speculative fiction can be in the hands of a good author. It combines the qualities of a meticulously researched historical novel with some very original fantasy elements. Tim Powers ties the wildly different motivations of the characters together in an entertaining and fast-moving narrative. Higly recommended.

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