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"The Aquabats Vs. The Floating Eye of Death" (also known as the exclamation mark injected "The Aquabats! Vs. The Floating Eye of Death!"), which is often shortened to "The Floating Eye" by fans (known as Aquacadets), is The Aquabats' third release. Released in 1999 on Time Bomb Recordings, the album was met by mixed reviews by it's fans. Some were dissapointed with The Aquabats move away from ska towards rock that is often compared to Devo. Others enjoyed the evolution and continued to laugh along to The Aquabats wacky sense of humor.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Sequence Erase 2. Giant Robot Birdhead 3. Anti-Matter 4. Lotto Fever 5. Lovers Of Loving Love 6. Chemical Bomb 7. Man With The Glooey Hands, The 8. Monsters Wedding 9. Ballad Of Mr. Bonkers, The 10. Canis Lupus 11. Tiny Pants 12. Thing On The Bass Amp, The 13. Amino Man 14. Hello, Good Night


1. Sequence Erase - Although it was originally an instrumental, words were added to the rock guitars to create a song with a jamming, science fiction feel.

2. Giant Robot Birdheard - Fun song about a robot featuring shouts of "Kaboom!" and "Fire!"

3. Anti-Matter - What seems to be The Aquabats take on a punk song. Seems to be speaking from a lower-middle class perspective.

4. Lotto Fever - Features a prominent bassline and a story about a wish-giving fish in The Aquabats' vein of humor.

5. Lovers of Loving Love - The closest thing to ska on the album. A basic, happy-go-lucky love song - "I'm so happy/I'm so happy/that I'm a boy/and you're a girl alright!"

6. Chemical Bomb - A song about the apocalypse sung in a humorously swinging and breezy style.

7. The Man With Glooey Hands - Punkish song about a man with his hands stuck to another person's face. Mentions Ronald Reagan.

8. Monsters Wedding - Haunted house-y song about a man forced into marriage to a monster.

9. The Ballad of Mr. Bonkers - A song about a scorpion in three parts - rock song/opera/jamming rock ballad.

10.Canis Lupus - Goofy song about the wonders of dogs ("the powerful jaw/the hidden dewclaw/some dogs talk on the telephone!")

11.Tiny Pants - Ridiculous song featuring sped up voices spouting giberish. Listeners tend to love it or hate it.

12.The Thing in the Bass Amp - Fun rock song about a monster in a bass amp, with ample use of horns.

13. Amino Man - Originally written by the Offspring's Dexter Holland, Amino Man was injected with The Aquabats' strangeness - this one's about a weightlifting monster.

14.Hello, Goodnight - A sweet, simplistic song supposedly about death. Uncharacteristic of the Aquabats.

The release in 1999 was accompanied by a tour. The artwork features some photos from a pilot for a planned show featuring The Aquabats(which inevitably fell through.) Since the release, the Aquabats have acquired a new drummer, Ricky Fitness, and have lost a horn player, Catboy.

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