The Atlantic monthly, founded November, 1857, is a monthly magazine about current events, literature, and various other topics. Mainly a conservative magazine, it tends to be a more reflective, insightful publication than the average, spending alot of time on analysis of various current events, prominent politicians, and authors and poets. Columns include The Agenda, a set of articles about current events, A book review section, and Travel guides, a Music column, and a puzzler every month (these are HARD!)

The magazine is pretty conservative, and tends to cover economic issues from a monetarist, as opposed to keynesian orientation. Their column writers include famous pundits, such as P.J. O'Rourke, and their short stories they feature include wll known names like Christopher Buckley and John Updike. All in all, a worthwhile read every month, and a nice contrast to The New Yorker.

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