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Deceased (as of 29 March 2002) breakfast show (7-9 am) that ran for more than 10 years on Channel 4.

It was colourful, brash and noisy and so not always the best way to start the day especially if you have a hangover.

It was set in a house garishly painted in primary colours and each room had a different function. For instance, big celebrity interviews were often done in the main bedroom (a trend Paula Yates started in her early stint on the show).

Another feature of the show was the Family of the Week in which an ordinary family 'lived' in the house for a week and showed off their varying degrees of talent.

Zig and Zag from the planet Zog (with strong Irish accents) were also long fixtures on the show and they normally interviewed minor pop stars and book pluggers.

In its better days the show was very funny and its presenters over the years have included Johnny Vaughan, Liza Tarbuck, Mark Lamarr, Chris Evans, Gaby Roslin, Mark Little, Denise van Outen ,Paula Yates and Bob Geldof.

There are rumours that it may get a new lease of life on Channel 5.

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