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Who you buzzin round now
Billy bee, Billy bee,
who you buzzin round now?
Who you buzzin round now, Billy bee,
why you buzzin round her not me?

Could it be your honey Billy
it ain't good enough, enough
for me Billy, honey, bee;
could it be you got enough for a lotta queen bees
Billy honey Billy bee?

Why you telling me Billy
that you wanna be with me
Billy oh you lied to me!
Why you say you gonna pollinate my flower Billy,
say you gonna make a hive with me?

Then I hear you're buzzin round
with another yellowjacket
bee bee wasn't me
billy made a pick a bee bee
billy bee bee wasn't me

Now I gotta tell you that this little baby bee
she ain't cryin in her honey tea,
cause she knows she's got another boy bee
that's a hornet, got a real stinger, he.

Oh I promise that I'll never think of you
bee Billy promise not to think of me -
cause it's with you Billy that I'll never be Billy
I don't wanna be with Billy bee.


This song appears on the Ralph Records compilation Potatoes, of modern folk music. Some of it's really twisted (The Residents and Negativland are both in on it, as well as people you haven't heard of) - this one is really striking in its simplicity. It's just a single voice singing. The sleeve doesn't really give any info on who the artist might be, but reads thusly:
The quality of life has changed. The methods by which we attain certain qualities has changed. Some very lonely qualities in a woman's life will never change. When scorned, she might drink to forget about it and/or sing to tell about it.
I listen to allkindsa sad music, some of it elaborate, slow, using strange instruments; but this really cuts to the heart of it. And it's funny! Thank goodness for the bizarre cultural chemistry experiment that was Appalachia.

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