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Whow, what can I say... These guys are incredible. The Billy Nayer Show is Cory McAbee And Bobby Lurie along with some other unspecified musicans. Almost beyond description The Billy Nayer Show combines lyrics and music in the same obtuse way that They Might Be Giants have.
With songs about being the captain of a cow, proving to you that my stomach is as big as my eyes, knitting all my favorites (don't think you have to take them home). Songs that in their surrealism bite through to a honest truth about human relationships.
TBNS doesn't only do music however, they also have several movies to thier credit along with many talented woodcuts and other forms of art work (you need to look at the web site). Most recently American Astronaut (the latest film of which the trailer is downloadable at the web site www.billynayer.com) was very well recived at cannes recently. If you are a fan of TMBG or Zappa or anything of the same ilk TBNS is DEFINATELY worth a listen.

Son of a gun
up jumped my baby and she run, run, run..."
- From the song Baby

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