The Black Drop is a coffee shop in Bellingham, Washington. It is located downtown, down the street from Michael's Books and Stuart's, in a storefront that was once owned by a place called The Donut Kitchen. The decor is somewhat Victorian in nature, with antique lamps hanging from the ceiling and old black-and-white photographs hanging on the walls. Often there is artwork from local artists hanging on the walls, too.

The Drop, as it is referred to by 'Hamsters is owned by Teri Bryant and Alexarc Mastema, a couple of crazy kids who always dreamed of running a coffee shop. They have made an effort to make the shop a safe, fun place for the local kids to hang out at. Common sights at the Drop would be college students sitting at tables working on homework and gamers playing role-playing games at the big table in the middle of the room.

The shop can be found at 300 E Champion in Bellingham.

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