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Some of the members of A Bunch Of Guys Who Just Happen To Have Instruments later joined up to create a new garage band which never made it to the garage. It was going to be a pseudo funky punk band that would do a lot of Sex Pistol covers plus original material. They called themselves The Bloody Tampons until the lead singer got a girlfriend who found the name in bad taste. This pissed off the other members of the band, but they offered a compromise by changing the name to The Dirty Tampons. She didn't like that either so they eventually just referred to themselves as The D.T.'s before disbanding entirely since the lead singer had by this time decided to spend more time with his girlfriend (see Yoko Ono) and less time actually singing with the band. The few recordings of this band are also incredibly rare, and equally valuable to those of A Bunch of Guys Who Just Happen To Have Instruments.

They're priceless to me though. Those were fun times.

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