"So, why you've taken me to this bog?" asked Ruddy McLeod.

"We had a deal, didn't we?" replied John Pasquire

"Oh yeah, and why do we need to discuss it here?"

"It is highly sensitive, we might get in trouble."

"Oh yeah, that old issue, well, here's fifty five hundred for the deal."

"Ah....Excellant....So, how did all this begin?"

"Well I started up my business and you simultaneously required that I give you money."

"Oh yes of course, I remember when that man set up a business next to you."

"Oh, I remember that night well, what a mess you made."

"Yes we let the police clean up after us. Oh, and his mother and father how they cried."

"I found that really sad."

"Well you would, your like that....Oh do you remember the nights we've spent."

"Oh God, that one night was painful, I'll never look at plastic bags in the same way again.

"Ah, but you've never been late again have you."

"I guess not."

"Exactly, now, I've decided to make an adjustment to our deal."

"What would that be?"

"As well as the installments of money, if ever there is an election, you shall vote for whoever I recommend."

"Who do you have in mind?"

"I'm considering for this Mayoral election, Steven Hancock."

"Oh him, the most respected manager of ladies in our local brethren."

"Yes, and a good friend of mine as well."

"Are you recommending Steven to anyone else."

"Well you know I have lots of clients, included some of the major advertising giants in our fair town."

"Well good luck with that."

John smiled calmly to himself. But at that point, with a disappearance of emotion,

"Ruddy, I feel as though there are two cold, wet hands on my ankles.",

In as little as one second, John fell down into the ground. Ruddy looked down and heard a muffled screaming. At the point of highest nervousness, Johns arm appeared from the ground, still wearing a puff daddy ring, still wearing a sleeve, but covered in bite marks, whole chunks of flesh lost, with simian teeth marks on the skin. The arms struggled for a moment, and then fell flat down, with bone sticking out the other end. At this discovery, Ruddy ran away back to his shop, from the horrors.

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