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What man is at ease in his Inn?
Get out.
Wide is the world and cold.
Get out.
Thou hast become an in-itiate.
Get out.
But thou canst not get out by the way thou camest in.
   The Way out is THE WAY.
Get out.
For OUT is Love and Wisdom and Power.12
Get OUT.
If thou hast T already, first get UT.13
Then get O.
And so at last get OUT.

page 56


          Both "23" and "Skidoo" are American words meaning "Get out". This chapter describes the Great Work under the figure of a man ridding himself of all his accidents.
          He first leaves the life of comfort; then the world at large; and, lastly, even the initiates.
          In the fourth section is shown that there is no return for one that has started on this path.
          The word OUT is then analysed, and treated as a noun.
          Besides the explanation in the note, O is the Yoni; T, the Lingam; and U, the Hierophant; the 5th card of the Tarot, the Pentagram. It is thus practically identical with IAO.
          The rest of the chapter is clear, for the note.


          (12) O = weird character, "The Devil of the Sabbath". U = 8, the Hierophant or Redeemer. T = Strength, the Lion.
          (13) T, manhood, the sign of the cross or phallus. UT, the Holy Guardian Angel; UT, the first syllable of Udgita, see the Upanishads. O, Nothing or Nuit.

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Original text by Aleister Crowley
Commentary by Karl Gerner
I need your help! This stuff is very cryptic, feel free to provide your own commentary.

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