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The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra Melin the Mage is considered by many to be the definitive guide to the Qabalah. The text is written from the point of view of a student of Abra Melin. The book is said to come from 14th Century Hebrew texts and has been translated several times. It is currently availible in paperback from Dover.

The book was considered by Aleister Crowley to represent the correct method of approaching magical practice. It is different from many texts in that it is adaptable with many different belief systems and allows the practitioner to find their own magical "style".

The book is divided into three parts. The first part (which is considered fictional by some) is an account of the authors travel's and tutelage under Abra Melin. In this section we learn that the text is intended for his son Lamech. The Second Part explains how to initiate oneself into the parctice and how to contact one's "Guardian Angel", it also covers many basic rituals for contact different supernatural entities both good and evil. The book describes itself as "white magic" although at times this becomes ambivilent, it describes dealing with darker forces, although alwys with a warning of "this is evil" or "this is dangerous". The Third part is a reference of sorts, it contains the names of many spirits and angels, as well and many word squares for use in rituals.

Along with instructing one in how to deal with supernatural entities the book also instructs on how to gain wealth, take the form of animals, and affect the emotions and health of others.

I have an old hard-bound copy of this book which found its way into my possession after a bad relationship. I node it for posterity and the fact that stuff like this facinates me. I will summarize sections of the book and soft or hard-link them to this node as work progresses. As a side note I don't believe in this stuff, I'm an atheist, but the beliefs of yore are always entertaining.

I enjoy a good book of magic too. Abra Melin is a good read.I should go retrieve my copy from my library but won't. The three parts are fairly balanced in information.Instructions to Lamech to increase his occult prowessness are very strenuous at times.Example no afternoon napsare allowed while preparing for a conjuration.Restriction of activities not conducive of holiness is placed very near the top, along with anAdmonition to immerse yourself in the study of the Bible The supernatural names in the book could easily be converted to a software program for astrology. If one knows the basic correspondances for the each Hebrewletter, you simply check for the geometrical alliances present in any horoscope.Many Angels or Demons in the book are simple adjectives with "al" or "iel" attached to the end denoting it has its sources from God.If the word is present in the chart, the kind of aspect, again Geometry would tell if the attribute is favorable or not.

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