The Borg, oh.
He lost his mind inside the war, oh.
But he came back home to his Ohio
Where he likes to tee it up, oh,
And then go slip into his cups, yo.

Where he'll also likely die, oh.
Some might say that he's a wino
But Anna thinks he's doing fine, yo.
In his chest they poured some Draino.

A buckeye will sprout out of his eye, oh,
And his soul will forever fly, oh,
In the skies above Ohio.
Marines are men but they can cry, oh.
As they all salute with "Semper Fi", oh.

Since dannye was kind enough to put some effort into turning a variation of my user name into a poem of sorts, I’d be remiss if I didn’t try and return the favor.

This one is for you my friend.

The Dan Nye
His comments on the fly
Have made many a user cry
And make them wonder why
They should even dare to try?

The Dann Ye
He wants no sympathy
And he won’t get none from me
That’s just the way its gotta be
In my extended family

The Dan Nye
He’s just the kinda guy
That will look you in eye
And offer you up a sigh
When we meet in the Bye and Bye

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