Excellent album from the band Orbital that comes in many forms. The best without a doubt is the UK double CD set that contains the 28 version of the song, _The Box_. This album, a departure of sorts for Orbital, contains some of their finest work and is without a doubt the most accesible album for those unfamiliar with eletronic music.

Yes, The Box, all-requests all-the-time (more or less) music video TV station, still exists. Couch potatoes dial in and spend a handful of intangible money per call to request the next song in the lineup. While the selection is decent if not extraordinary, it often results in the unfortunate circumstance of the broadcast being flooded with bad hip-hop, Backstreet Boys, or whatever else the person with the most cash and the fastest dialing finger decides to inundate it with. Their slogan of "music YOU control" is silly; as in so many things in the capitalist world, whoever pays the most wins.

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