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The Brew House is an artistic collective on the south side of Pittsburgh. It is located in a huge warehouse that has been converted in to living and working spaces for the artists. The building and the abandon industrial lots around it have been the site of fantastic performance art, theatre and sculpture exhibits. Rent in the Brew House is low and the openings are few. They have a residency program for most kinds of visual artists as well as facilities for welding and pottery and such in shared workshops.

Above the Brew House looms the famous south side clock. Its white hands on a black surface are stuck forever at 6:30. If you happen to be holding a rehearsal there at 6:00pm this will never fail to frighten you in to thinking you are late.

Some Shows at the House Include:
Black Sheep Puppet Festival
Pittsburgh Fringe Festival (one of many Fringe Festivals held internationally)

2100 Mary St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA

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