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  • Sheet ice falling from the windows 60 stories up at Bay and King, and smashing to the pavement. It sounds like an elephant run amok in a glass factory. Mid-February.
  • High winds in the downtown core blowing through the canyons of Bay Street, whirling the elderly towards the lake¹ like tumbleweeds. All winter.
  • News footage of the annual "real" snowstorm that makes native Torontonians pee themselves in excitement, just before sliding into the snowbank when they take the on-ramp at full speed. January.
  • Mayor Mel Lastman calling out the Canadian Army to deal with four inches of snow.² January.
  • Ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square in the fountain. All winter.
  • Hot chocolate. All winter.
  • Making rude snow creations on your pals' front lawns. "No, no, it's the CN Tower." After the "real" snowstorm.

1. Lake Ontario. Don't worry, Torontonians. It's safely locked away behind the Gardiner Expressway where it can't hurt you.
2. That seems like a lot to Mel.

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