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The Building
Frances E. W. Harper

"Build me a house," said the Master,
   "But not on the shifting sand,
Mid the wreck and roar of tempests,
   A house that will firmly stand.

"I will bring thee windows of agates,
   And gates of carbuncles bright,
And thy fairest courts and portals
   Shall be filled with love and light.

"Thou shalt build with fadeless rubies,
   All fashioned around the throne,
A house that shall last forever,
   With Christ as the cornerstone.

"It shall be a royal mansion,
   A fair and beautiful thing,
It will be the presence-chamber
   Of thy Saviour, Lord and King.

"Thy house shall he bound with pinions
   To mansions of rest above,
But grace shall forge all the fetters
   With the links and cords of love.

"Thou shalt he free in this mansion
   From sorrow and pain of heart,
For the peace of God shall enter,
   And never again depart."

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