Also a recently redeveloped £530,000,000 ($840,000,000) shopping mall located in Birmingham, England which now claims to be the largest in Europe. It's very impressive, very large and predictably expensive.

It replaced the orignal £8,000,000 concrete monstrosity of a mall which had built in 1961. This earlier mall was heralded as the largest outside of the USA at the time, but disappointed local residents who missed their old markets (Which had been on the site since 1166), and disappointed everyone else who just thought that it looked a mess.

It certainly played it's part in, ahem, cementing Birmingham's reputation as the concrete capital of the UK.

But the new mall is very modern looking, and includes the strangest looking building I've seen yet in the new Selfridges store, which is very hard to put into words: Imagine a blue jelly-mold covered in reflective discs, and you're not far off.

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