The Cancer Conspiracy is an indie/experimental rock band from Burlington, Vermont. They play what can be loosely described as a combination of King Crimson, Rush, and assorted math rock groups like Crime in Choir, Dianogah, and Slint.


Daryl Rabidoux - Guitar
Brent Frattini - Bass
Greg Beadle - Drums, Keyboards, Saxophone

The band, which formed in 2000, took their name from an alleged plot by the healthcare industry to suppress a cure for cancer in order to sustain their industry. The band first released a self-titled EP in 2001, which got the attention of Big Wheel Recreation, a Boston label that hosts indie favorites the Damn Personals and Piebald.

In early 2002, the band released The Audio Medium, a further venture in '70s prog rock converted to indie rock. The full-length is decidedly more atmospheric than the EP, but still includes the orchestrated jams of the EP. The prog influence is palpable, but not overly pervasive, so it won't scare off indie kids.

Like many indie rock bands, the Cancer Conspiracy finds it amusing to make up convoluted story lines that are tough to prove either true or false. The band claims to have received letters from Dr. Travis John, an "ethnomusicologist" (while the term may sound fake, it is indeed a subject of study). In the letters, Dr. John claims to have worked with a doctor at his university (whose name is blacked out a la FBI FOIA documents) who published his theory of the cancer conspiracy in 1985. Dr. John claims that there are multiple realms of the Western Industrial Complex that, like the cancer conspiracy, continually lure people in, promising satisfaction of a need, only to constantly fall short. He compares the cancer conspiracy to what he calls the "Audio Medium," a reference to the music and radio establishment, who constantly play dissatisfying music. And there's the rub. The Cancer Conspiracy is attempting to break that control mechanism, and presses on despite threats of future "misfortunes."

In early 2002, the Cancer Conspiracy's gear was stolen from their van in New York City. They have not been able to determine the perpetrator, but all signs point to conspiracy.



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