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told to me by Christopher T., age 8. recorded & transcribed by me.

The Candyman Junior had a lotta candy in his truck - like the ice-cream man. Candy 10 cents except for Blow Pops, they're 15 cents. One time the Candyman went to somebody's house and it was the wicked witch from Hansel and Gretel and that's where he gets all his supplies. The wicked witch caught him taking some candy off her house and she put him in the oven and she was gonna cook him for dinner, Candyman Surprise.

Candyman had candy inside the pot. Turned him into a Candyman! It's a rare species that you don't find anymore but you can find him in a book that we're gonna write today I guess.

He escaped and he went to the great big candy factory. He was stealing it and put it in his secret truck. One of the bosses saw him and Candyman got caught.

So he put him up on a rope and he was gonna make Candyman fudge where he dips him in steamin hot fudge and then you have Candyman fudge.

But just as his shoe was about to hit the fudge, Candyman's friends got him and he swung like Batman to the Batcave because Batman loves candy and then he was looking for Batman to ask him where the nearest candy store was.

But instead Mr. Freeze was there and he almost turned Candyman into a Frosty Freeze. And then he said Wait! and pulled out his laser gun, no his hot ray. Candyman pulled out his hot ray and shot Mr. Freeze and then he was off to look for Batman. Looked all over Gocklam.

First he checked Catwoman's hideout then the Riddler's secret lair then he checked Joker's secret clubhouse and then he and then Candyman saw Joker and Joker had Batman. And Batman was trapped. So Candyman took his swiss army knife - no - yeah - Candyman took his swiss army knife and he undid Batman and Batman punched out Joker and Joker punched out Batman and then they were both punched out.

But then Candyman waked up Batman and Batman killed Joker and told Candyman where the candy was and he said Sayonara to the witch and Hansel and Gretel and he said Byebye to Mr. Freeze. Of course he was just a pile of melted ice. He went back to the Neighborhood of Pussywillow - no, Candyman Lane and then he went back to see his wife and they lived happily ever after, the end.

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