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Cant is a term used to describe a form of slang or jargon, this term was in popular use in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Planescape Cant

Planescape is a series of novels, an RPG and a computer game. It deals with the Multiverse and as such needs to coin lots of terms to describe some rather estoric stuff. In addition lots of not-so-philisophical slang was introduced in the Planescape boxed set and has constantly grown, spread mainly accross the internet. The following is a selection of Planescape Cant terms, hundreds more can be found elsewhere on the net. Feel free to add your own.

The More Technical Cant:

Layer: A Plane that is part of a group of linked Planes of a similar nature, for example The Seven Heavens is made up of Seven Layers.

Realm: A loose term which can refer to the following

  • A stable area in a Void (such as the Demi-Planes in the Ethereal Plane)
  • Areas where voids overlap other Planes (such as the Border Ethereal)
  • The areas on the Outer Planes which are under the direct control of a Power.

    Demi-Plane: A small 'island' world in the Ethereal Plane which is based around a theme or concept.

    Planar: 1: A person/creature who is part of the Planewalking culture, 2: Of the Planes

    Planewalker: A person who often planeshifts

    Planerunner: A Planewalker adventurer.

    Planeshift/'Shift: To intentionally move to another plane

    Planedump: To be moved to another plane without wanting to go there (you can Planedump someone who is then considered Planedumped).

    Outer Planes/Great Wheel: The planes of alignment, each based around a moral or ethic, this includes the Outlands

    Inner Planes: The Ethereal, The Elemental and the Prime Planes

    Prime/Prime Material: The plane of infinite layers and most campaigns, the one you are on now.

    The Outlands: The Plane of the Balance

    Factions: Interplanar organisations based around philosophies.

    The Great Voids: The Ethereal Plane and the Astral Plane

    The Less Technical Terms

    Addle-Cove: Idiot

    Bar That: Shut up

    Barmy: Someone sent insane by the immensity of the Planes, or just plain nuts

    Basher: Fighter

    Berk: Taken from contempory British slang. Fool/someone who should know better.

    Blood: Expert who has achieved a lot. Calling someone a Blood is a mark of high respect for their capabilities.

    Bob: Cheat, rob or mislead

    Bod/Body: A corporal person who is not a Power. A broad term basically meaning anyone with a body.

    Bone-Box: A berks head. As in "Stop rattling your bone box berk"="Please cease your chatter young scamp"

    Bubber: A drunk

    Chiv: Bladed weapon

    Cony-Catcher: Thief or con-man. Someone who bobs berks

    Cross Trade: Anything to do with the black market.

    The Chant: Any useful information about facts, moods or events.

    Cutter: Someone who is resourceful and daring

    Clueless: Someone who does not understand basic planar politics ("So the Devas don't get on with the Tanar'ri then?") or how to survive in the planes ("So, you mean I should bring some sunblock to this Athas place, right?").

    Dark: Secret or unknown

    Dead Book: The book of Charon. Anyone "In the Dead Book" is now a Petitioner. Someone who "Cheats the Dead Book" is some form of undead, or very lucky.

    Garnish: Bribe

    High-up: Powerful eg. "He's a high up in the government" or "That was a sodding high up fireball!"

    Hipp: To Hipp is to Planedump someone; to strand someone on a Plane. Such a person is then considered Hipped

    Jink: Money

    Kip: Area deemed safe enough to have a nights sleep in. Often used to describe a cheap rented room.

    Leatherhead: Twit

    Path: Some form of interplanar travel that requires actual physical movement to 'shift.

    Peel: Swindle, con or trick

    Prime: Either the Prime Material Plane or someone from that Plane

    Pike off: As in "Pike off Leatherhead" or "You shouldn't have said that, now he's really Piked Off!"

    Rube: Someone who is easily fooled

    Scan: Look/Listen/Learn as in "Scan this berk" or "You Scan?"

    Scragged: Nabbed/nicked/taken/stolen/killed as in "I scragged the jewels as we walked out$quot; or "I scragged him with a fireball!"

    Sod: Derived from contempory British slang. Can be used as follows:

  • 1: Someone who is so useless they should be pitted. eg. "You sod!"
  • 2:
  • A generic unpleasant action used in a derogatory fasion as in "Sod it!" or "Sod off you sod!"

    Sodding: A derogatory term used to express magnitude as in "Sod off you sodding sod!"

    Spellslinger: Anyone who uses some form of magic

    Talent: Psionicist

    Tech: Any technology as advanced as crossbows upwards. Often seen as just another form of magic

    Tumble to: Realise, as in "He'll tumble to it sooner or later."

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