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"The world's first circular office building", is located on Vine Street, just off Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles and has been home to the purveyors of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra etc, etc since 1954. There is a story that claims that Nat King Cole suggested the unusual shape of the building, which is said to represent a stack of records, with a stylus perched on top.

One thing that is true about this landmark of Hollywood entertainment world domination is that the little red light on top of the building flashes the word "Hollywood" in Morse Code on an infinite loop. The loop has been interrupted only once since Samuel Morse's granddaughter switched it on in 1956 and that was to change to message to "Capitol 50" to celebrate Capitol Records' 50th Aniversary in 1992. In 1993 the light returned to sublimanally urging airplane pilots to listen to Capitol Records' artists instead of the drab airtraffic controllers.

The Capitol Records Building is not located on the legendary corner of Hollywood and Vine, it located a little north of the spot, but still in visible distance. Designed in 1954 by Welton Becker it is the world's first circular office building and Los Angeles' first full air conditioned one.

On the southern facade of the building there is a mural by artist, Richard Wyatt named Hollywood Jazz and includes many of Capitol Records' most famous jazz artists. Nat King Cole, and Billie Holiday to name a few. Although the mural is notable, probably the most famous part of the 12-story building is its resemblance to a stack of records topped off by a stylus. It is rumoured that Nat King Cole suggested the design, but Welton Becker refutes this commenting as it was simply a coincidence. Nevertheless, it does look like it.

The building is also topped off with a beacon. However, it differs from others in that since 1956 when the granddaughter of Samuel Morse turned on the beacon where it has flashed in Morse Code, "Hollywood" for every year except 1992. That year it was changed to "Capitol 50" in honor of the company's 50th anniversary. It has now resumed to flashing "Hollywood."

Capitol Records Building

1750 Vine Street
Hollywood, California

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