1992 album by the Irish composer Enya. Unremarkable by itself, The Celts has a pleasing variety of music... as long as that variety has a New Age/almost celtic sound to it. The album's producer was Nicky Ryan.

Tracks on the album are as follows:

  1. The Celts
  2. Aldebaran
  3. I Want Tomorrow
  4. March of the Celts
  5. Deireadh an Tuath
  6. The Sun in the Stream
  7. To go Beyond
  8. Fairytale
  9. Epona
  10. Triad: St. Patrick Cú Chulainn Oisin
  11. Portrait (Out of the Blue)
  12. Boadicea
  13. Bard Dance
  14. Dan y Dwr
  15. To go Beyond (II)

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