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After their debut album Steelbath Suicide, Soilwork released The Chainheart Machine a year later in 1999, again with Listenable Records. It was recorded at Studio Fredman in February 1999, and produced by Fredrik Norstrom and Soilwork.

For this album, Soilwork sped the songs up in this album and increased the harmonies present.

Also, unlike Steelbath Suicide, the songs here are much longer, eight of the ten songs are four minutes or longer, compared to the previous's album where six of the twelve were under three minutes. The Chainheart Machine is easily Soilwork's heaviest and fastest album. It fits its thrash metal/death metal genre well. Since this album, all of Soilwork's albums have gradually increased in how melodic they are, with A Predator's Portrait being a bit like a melodic version of this album, and their most recent one, Figure Number Five, losing most of its heaviest. In the middle is Natural Born Chaos, being a mixture between the two.

In 2000, Century Media released the album for US distribution.

The tenth track, Shadowchild, also appears on the next album, A Predator's Portrait as track eight. However, the version on A Predator's Portrait is the remixed version, whereas this one isn't, and you can tell when you listen to it; it is very raw and sounds like it was done a while ago, probably around the time of their demo, In Dreams We Fall Into the Eternal Lake.

One thing completely off-topic to note is that it can be rather awkward to refer to this album, due to the first word being an article.


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