"The Complete Master Works" is the title of Tenacious D's first DVD, released in 2003 by the Music Video division of Epic Records. (Tenacious D is made up of Jack Black and Kyle Gass.) It contains an entire concert (Live at Brixton Academy) and all of their HBO shows on the first disc. The second disc, titled "For Psycho Fans Only," contains short films by the D, a documentary of the D on the road, a documentary of the D in the studio, and all of the D's television appearances and music videos.

Contents of Disc 1: The Complete Master Works

Concert: Live at Brixton Academy
Program Start
Kyle Quit the Band
The Road
The Cosmic Shame
Fuck Her Gently
Rock Your Socks
Double Team

HBO Episodes
The Search for Inspirado: In this episode, Kyle and Jack are called on for their first real gig, but they have to write a new song. With only 5 days to write a song, Jack Black takes us on the journey to find Inspirado, ultimately resulting in Kyle quitting the band, and their new song being born.

Angel in Disguise: Jack turns down sex with a groupie because he is in love with a Satan worshipping chick who has her spine pierced and loves to clog. He confides to Kyle this love, but says that Florina will in no way affect their friendship. Kyle takes this information to go immediately to hit on Florina, and Jack walks up on them clogging together. After a brief karate fight between Jack and Kyle, Kyle is shot by a shoplifter leaving the ending a surprise.

Death of a Dream: Jack and Kyle are confronted by a burned-out former rocker (Captain Ed) telling them that the rock star methos is a lie, just like the Easter Bunny and the Sasquatch. After the D storm off, Captain Ed details the 5 stages a person goes through when confronting death. Sitting around a campfire in the "Acceptance" stage, Jack breaks his guitar in half, sobbing. As Kyle is about to do the same, they spot the Sasquatch, and are inspired to return to a life of rocking. Long live the D!

The Greatest Song in the World: After meeting a writer who is their new next-door neighbor, Jack and Kyle must dutifully prepare for the night's upcoming gig, which involves making alot of noise (mostly due to the creation of a skylight.) The writer calls the cops, and when Jack and Kyle are confronted, the tell the story of how they were the victims, challenged by a shiny demon to play the best song in the world or lose their souls.

The Fan: After a good show, the D are confronted by Lee, a grown-man with a t-shirt proclaiming "Tenacious D Rocks!" who informs them of a website he created full of personal details about their lives. In return, the D infiltrate every aspect of Lee's life over the next week and end up breaking into his house. All's well that ends well, however, and the D perform with Lee at their next Open Mike Night.

Road Gig: The D are asked by the owner of their venue to go on the road and play a show at his brother's bar. Excited about the gig, Jack and Kyle race off, only to have to stop by the side of the road because they're out of wiper fluid. After walking in the desert for miles, they come across a small settlement called "Jesus Ranch," populated by a cult of people who live in their own shit, but have the most fertile soil in the world. Suddenly, the County Health Deparment shows up, and a show-down ensues, culminating in a battle of the bands.

Contents of Disc 2: For Psycho Fans Only

HBO Short Films
JB's BJ: Jack Black takes to the street corners, offering $5 handjobs, $10 blowjobs and $20 rimjobs. After snaring a customer, he gets into the stranger's car and goes to a parking deck to do the deed, and to be in for a big surprise.

Rock Star Sperm for Sale: Jack and Kyle decide to benefit society by selling their sperm to people from a stand in their driveway, and we all learn why Rod Stewart drinks semen to help his voice.

Butt Baby: In the desert, Jack and Kyle use an EPT thinking it's LSD and Jack experiences a placebo effect, tripping for much of the show. Once he's calmed down, they learn that Kyle's pregnancy test came up positive, and he gives birth to a child.

Tenacious D on the Road Documentary
This documentary is made primarily on two or three hand-held cameras that are shot personally by the D, Lee, and various roadies. Complete with Tour Diaries, resturants, and live concert footage, it paints a very concise picture of the D on the road.

Tenacious D in the Studio
Tenacious D are again given hand-held cameras to record the making of their self-titled album. We see the creative process from beginning to end, how the band members feel about each other when they're not around, and the magic that made Tenacious D what they are today.

TV Appearances
MadTV: Tenacious D and company perform "Tribute."
Crank Yankers: Prank phone calls, Tenacious D-style.
Musical Guest on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien": Tenacious D and company perform "Wonderboy."

Music Videos
Making of Tribute
Making of Wonderboy
Fuck Her Gently

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