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The Corrs are a phenomenal Irish group combining folk and pop, consisting of four siblings. Jim was born on 31 July 1964, Sharon on 24 March 1970, Caroline on 17 March 1973, and Andrea on 17 May 1974. The stunningly gorgeous Andrea is the lead singer and tin whistle, and the in some pictures equally gorgeous Sharon is on fiddle and backing vocals. Jim does guitar and keyboards, Caroline drums and bodhrán.

They were born in Dundalk in Co. Louth, where their parents Jean and Gerry Corr were musicians, playing folk and ballads as well as covers of popular bands like Abba and The Carpenters. The children were steeped in music and practised together; their first performance was for the film The Commitments of the Roddy Doyle book, in 1990. Their first public performance was on 17 February 1993 in Dublin. Their first professional performance was on 17 March 1994, the audience including US ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, who was so stunned by their talent that she invited them to Boston to perform before an audience including Teddy Kennedy. This eventually landed them their record deal with Atlantic.

The first album was Forgiven Not Forgotten (1995); next was Talk On Corners (1997, remixed as "Special Edition" 1998), followed by Unplugged (1999) and In Blue (2000).

Most of their songs are their own, but they have covered Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing", as well as traditional Irish melodies.

Sharon is engaged to a Belfast solicitor. There have been rumours, firmly denied, that she is thinking of leaving because of the impact of touring on her new life.

These are the tracks on the two albums I have, which sometimes I play constantly (alternating with Mary Black). Those marked * have been released as singles. Talk on Corners (Special Edition) contains

  1. What Can I Do *
  2. So Young *
  3. Only When I Sleep *
  4. When He's Not Around
  5. Dreams *
  6. I Never Loved You Anyway *
  7. Don't Say You Love Me
  8. Love Gives, Love Takes
  9. Runaway *
  10. Hopelessly Addicted
  11. Paddy McCarthy
  12. Queen of Hollywood
  13. No Good For Me
  14. Little Wing
And In Blue contains
  1. Breathless *
  2. Give Me A Reason *
  3. Somebody For Someone
  4. Say
  5. All The Love In The World
  6. Radio
  7. Irresistible *
  8. One Night
  9. All In A Day
  10. At Your Side
  11. No More Cry
  12. Rain
  13. Give It All Up
  14. Hurt Before
  15. Heart

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