A super-hero published by DC Comics and created by Steve Ditko. The Creeper first appeared in Showcase #73

Jack Ryder was a investigative reporter for a television show. He was rough, hard-nosed, and abrasive, which soon lead to him being unemployed. Seeking a way back into the limelight, Ryder began investigating a scientist named Professor Yatz. Yatz had supposedly made some incredible new discovery that was soon to be revealed. Unbeknownst to either the Professor or Ryder, the discovery also had made Yatz a target of Soviet agents who wanted this new technology for themselves.

Ryder followed Yatz to a costume party, dressed in a makeshift costume with a green wig and red sheepskin cape. At the party Yatz was attacked by his would-be kidnappers and Ryder was stabbed in the side, seriously wounding him. Yatz realized that his inventions were about to fall into the Soviet's hands and decided to keep them safe. He placed in Ryder's wound an activator which when pressed would make the wearer's clothing intangible and invisible. He then gave Ryder a formula that boosted the users ability to heal, giving him super-human resilience. Ryder recovered immediately and watched as Yatz was gunned down by the agents. Using an otherworldly voice and capering wildly, Ryder was able to throw off his opponents and defeat them. Realizing that he could use his newfound abilities to do good, Ryder began fighting crime as the Creeper.

The Creeper adventured for many years. For a time, Ryder was driven insane by the formula Yatz had used. He did not know that he was the Creeper and attempted to hunt down the Creeper's indentity, believing him to be a menace. With the help of the Batman, Ryder's insanity was cured.

The Creeper was killed by the evil entity Eclipso in Eclipso #13, a house-cleaning exercise by the editors of DC comics to kill off a number of minor heroes who had accumulated over the years.

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