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Student newspaper of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington that is universally hated by its readers and the faculty alike. The Daily has been published for more than 100 years and, by the 1950s was a relatively strong campus journalistic voice. By the late 1960s and early 1970s, the publication was taken over by anti-war protestors who skillyfully used it as a platform against the Vietnam War. However, as the 1980s approached, no sense of journalistic responsibility returned to its editorial board.

The Daily now produces a constant stream of articles on such newsworthy topics as female erections and ways to sleep with your teaching assistants. Because of the large student population at the UW, advertisers keep the paper afloat - putting a strain on the editorial board to produce enough content to fill the pages - despite abysmally low readership.

The Daily may debateably be noticed for having employed several members of the band Harvey Danger before it scored its regretable hit 'Flagpole Sitta.' The band took its name from an enigmatic head drawn on the wall of The Daily office labeled 'Harvey Danger.'

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