Taira Noritsune (d.1185). At the final battle of the Genpei war, the Battle of Dan no Ura, Noritsune was determined to take the head of his clan's great enemy, Minamoto Yoshitsune. He jumped from boat to boat, seeking out his quarry, until he finally shouted out a challenge in frustration.

Three Minamoto warriors came forward, seeking to subdue him, but straightaway suffered the loss of one of their number kicked into the sea. Noritsune then grappled with his other two assailants.

The Tale of the Heike (Heike Monogatari) says:

"…he clamped the second man, Sanemitsu, under his left arm, and the younger brother, Jiro, under his right, gave them both a mighty squeeze, and sprang into the waves, saying, "All right, come on! Be my companions in the Shide Mountains." He was twenty-six years old."

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