Made by President's Choice, this brand is touted as Canada's best-selling cookie.

President's Choice is a private label of the Loblaws grocery store chain. These cookies are pretty well their flagship product, and are also available in many eastern states and a few other places, such as Israel and Hong Kong. Currently in Loblaws stores you can find some salesperson hawking their new PC MasterCard. The bonus for signing up is a free package of these cookies.

The package design is replete with oversize chocolate chips, bold lettering, and a closeup of one of the cookies with the standard but confidence-inspiring disclaimer, "Cookie enlarged to show texture". The packages come in two sizes, 400 grams (roughly 14 ounces, priced at CDN$2.99), and 700 grams (CDN$4.99). Every six to eight weeks or so the 400-gram size will go on sale for CDN$1.99. This is the time to stock up.

'Decadents', as they are affectionately known, are not only the tastiest packaged cookie there is, they are the best packaged food type product there is. Even people who insist that everything they eat be made from scratch love them.

Three of the ingredients in these cookies set them apart from other packaged cookies:

There is one caveat, however, if you are considering buying these cookies: sometimes, and especially when they are on sale, some baker in the Decadent kitchens will be preoccupied with something else, or won't have had enough sleep the night before, and will leave these cookies to bake for too long, by a minute or so, I suspect. If this happens, and it seems to about twenty percent of the time, the cookies will have a different -- and in comparison, slightly unpleasant -- taste and texture. So there's a bit of a lottery involved, but as they say, the exception proves the rule.

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